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Innovation Awards – a new method, idea, product

As the British Columbia residential housing sector works towards reaching energy efficiency targets, the modular home industry continues to emerge as a leader in offering sustainable, affordable and efficient home construction.

To further promote those within the industry who adopt emerging technologies and revolutionary products into home design, the Manufactured Home Association of British Columbia (MHABC) created the Innovation Awards.

Awards highlight MHABC Members who utilize strategic design to blend a home within its surroundings and incorporate products that will both benefit home sustainability and complement the lifestyle of those who reside within.

The 2020-21 awards were presented on May 3, 2022 during the BC Modular Housing Summit & MHABC AGM that took place at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. Entries received were reviewed by a panel (located outside of British Columbia) who were selected for their expertise and industry knowledge. Entries were reviewed strictly based on the entry requirements and points were awarded out of a score of 10 on each listed criteria required.



2020-2021 Z-240MH Winner

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2020-21 Innovation Award Winner

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