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Lane Homes – Providing Supplementary Income, Growing Room, and Peace of Mind

With growing population numbers, housing market demands and costs for care services, families and individuals alike are looking for affordable, sustainable solutions.

Lane homes are emerging as the preferred option. They are professionally engineered, undergo the same rigorous inspections as other manufactured and site-built homes, come with the same warranties after completion… and can be erected in a single day.

Lane homes are typically erected at the rear of an existing property on existing vacant land or can be built to replace a current structure such as a garden shed, carport or detached garage. Lane homes are functionally designed to complement the property’s main structure and surrounding environment while focusing on optimizing floor space and energy efficiency.

Manufactured lane homes are constructed inside climate and quality-controlled facilities and then erected on site in less than one day. Lane homes are built in modules that are professionally fastened together on-site. Eliminate the stress of having trades and machinery come and go while constructing your home, eliminate constant lane closures by large vehicles requiring access to and from your property and eliminate months of waking up early to the sound of generators, hammering and more.


So why build a lane home?

  • Reduced Timelines – Lane Homes can be architecturally designed, built and completed in a matter of weeks and erected in less than one day
  • Affordability – Lane Homes utilized the same high-grade building products and finishes as any other home would, however, being built within a factory eliminates transportation costs, weather delays and streamlines the construction processes to allow for reduced cost savings that are passed on to the purchaser
  • Peace of Mind – Save money in paying someone else’s mortgage down while renting a unit for your child to attend university and have them move into their own space on your existing property. Save money in paying for elevated care home costs and allow aging members of your family to reside on your property in the comfort of their own residence
  • Open the doors to supplemental Income – Having a Lane House allows homeowners the option to enter the rental market and provide their families with supplemental rental income without having the rental occupant(s) reside within your main residence or across town where providing consistent maintenance can be an issue


Is your neighbourhood zoned to allow lane homes?

If you have a property zoned “rs” and have access to a lane, you should be eligible to build a lane home. Check with your city planning department or municipality for further details.

The following photos are courtesy of My Lane Home showcasing the construction, transport and erection of a lane home with the use of a time-lapse video.



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