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2019/2020 Innovation Award Recipient Announced

Leading the way in innovative and sustainable design and construction

The modular residential construction industry is continuing to push the bar to sustainable building practices and energy efficient end products higher and higher. Filled with continuous technological and product advancements, today’s modular homes seamlessly combine modern design with innovative and sought-after features that only add to their enhanced overall quality and longevity.

To highlight those within our industry who continue to adopt emerging technologies and revolutionary products, the Manufactured Housing Association of British Columbia created the Innovation Awards. Recipients of these annual awards must demonstrate that they have incorporated strategic design to blend a home within its surroundings and placed emphasis on the use of innovative products to benefit the sustainability and slow aging of the home while complementing the lifestyle of those who will reside within. Our 2019/2020 MHABC CSA Z-240MH award winner did just that, and then some!

Eagle Homes Cranbrook’s “West Coast Meets Rocky Mountains” home submission was a pinnacle in accompanying a blend of sustainable products into a modern modular home design.

Upon first glance at this stunning modular home, one’s eyes are taken to the 2-toned corrugated metal siding that blends amongst cedarwood corners, fascia and robust front door. This luxurious, yet refined rustic finishing style pairs the home wonderfully into its setting while providing longevity amongst whatever weather elements Mother Nature decides to throw at it over the coming years.

The home’s exterior boasts modern black accents from its window frames and smartboard trim to its stacked stone accents, soffit and shingles. To increase the home’s energy efficiency and wind tolerance, black stucco insulated skirting was utilized vs traditional vinyl skirting.

The distinguished, and welcoming interior space includes durable vinyl plank flooring throughout paired with crisp white mouldings that tie into the 2-tone kitchen focal point. Keeping in line with a focus on the home’s longevity, new to market solid surface countertops have been installed in conjunction with 2-toned cabinetry to bring a modernistic approach to the space.

The homes expansive living room windows provide expansive views of the surrounding property and the purposely situated upper wall letterbox windows within the bedroom and den allow natural light to fill the space, while providing additional wall space and privacy. Faux reclaimed wood accent walls can be found throughout the home providing visual focal points and bringing the sense of the surrounding forest tastefully inside.

Unseen to the naked eye, the home also includes Safe & Sound ROXUL insulation throughout – thus creating a sound barrier between the interior and exterior of the home.

The future of modular homes is bright and ever-evolving. Congratulations to Eagle Homes Cranbrook on being the recipient of our 2019/2020 CSA Z-240MH Innovations Award!

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