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Modular Building – A New Era in Residential Communities

With the rising demand to create sustainable communities, municipalities and developers alike are turning to more environmentally-friendly methods of building – manufactured. Manufactured and modular building techniques not only reduce material waste, noise pollution and traffic nuisance during construction phases, there calculated construction processes also enable a drastic reduction in completion timelines by up to 50%.

Modularly-built communities are master-planned and architecturally designed similarly to any on-site built residence would be, however, all building is done within a quality-control manufacturing plant and then erected on-site in a matter of days. These homes can incorporate the latest building products and technologies such as soft-close custom-built cabinetry and geothermal heating/cooling. These communities can include one-story or multi-story buildings, traditional to modern designs and finishes to complement every budget.

The exterior of the homes within these communities are designed to complement one another and their surroundings, while the interior of the homes can be customized to fit the discerning tastes and budget of individual homeowners.

Modular housing is shifting the way municipalities are allowing their communities to grow as the efficiently-orchestrated manufacturing timelines allow for quicker turnaround from architectural approval to project completion – 30 to 50% faster than that of site-built communities. Modular building methods allow for a massive reduction in construction-related street congestion, noise pollution and use of large machinery that is commonly associated while building a residential community through traditional on-site building methods. Modular building practices eliminate the day to day and months-long construction issues that affect those residing nearby.

Is your municipality or city forward-thinking? Find a manufactured community near you from our list of established members.

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