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Overcoming Stigma Through Innovation

When one used to hear the word modular home, a generations-old stigma began to formulate. One of prefabricated homes that were chosen from a catalogue showcasing a small handful of design options, quickly put together and erected on a property looking almost exactly the same as the ones next to it.

Today, however, the word modular has shed that age-old stigma and become a name known for innovation, superior quality and the upmost respect in terms of sustainable building practices and energy efficiency.

Choosing to build a modular home means choosing to work with top architects and skilled designers who create functional homes in less time and for reduced overall costs than that of site-built homes. Residences can be found in minimalist to traditionalist designs and being utilized as affordable housing options to high-end primary residences or recreational property retreats.

These are not the prefabricated homes your parents’ generation grew up with. They are becoming the preferred housing method of the future as the need and desire for heightened sustainability continues to grow.

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