Developers Advantages for Commercial Developers

Reduced Costs & Quicker Completion

Modular construction poses a number of potential competitive advantages for commercial developers. Today’s innovative factory-building processes allow for customized designs, a reduction in project costs and quicker project turnaround.

Architecturally designed homes, office spaces, hotels and institutions can all be built within a quality-controlled factory during the same time period site prep is taking place. This efficient process can drastically reduce project timelines and costs that within site-built home budgets would be placed toward overhead, rectifying weather damaged materials and product delivery delays.

Factory building also reduces the amount of impact the dwelling build has on the piece of land or neighbourhood. Ongoing noise from machinery and generators, site waste, scrap and dust and potential site access issues due to traffic constraints are all minimized.

Dwellings constructed within weather-proof factories are further protected from weather, wear, warping and efficiency issues than that of site-built dwellings, allowing them to be efficiently superior when it comes to heating and cooling.

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