Environmental Advantages Factory-built: The Sustainable Way to Build Homes

Energy Efficient Factories

Climate controlled factory building procedures ensure optimal insulations and vapor barrier installation. This provides a better insulated product that requires less energy to heat and cool.

Reduced Construction Time

Manufactured homes arrive in one or two sections that are 85 percent complete. This allows for greater efficiencies as the construction time frame is reduced by at least 80 percent, as are pollutants such as fuels for compressors and equipment, toxic adhesives and the general impact on the surface surroundings and neighbouring areas.

Single Location Efficiency

With the off–site home being built in one location, all materials for the home are shipped to the location, significantly reducing vehicle use, noise, pollution and other impacts in the area where the home will be situated.

Better Waste and Disposal Recycling

Manufactures buy large quantities of lumber and other materials, much of which is ordered to exact requirements, thereby reducing waste. Of the waste that does occur in the build, there is 50-70% less than when building on-site and can readily be recycled or disposed properly.

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