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Laneway Homes

Laneway homes are typically erected at the rear of an existing property on existing vacant land or can be built to replace a current structure such as a garden shed, carport or detached garage. These homes are functionally designed to complement the property’s main structure and surrounding environment while focusing on optimizing floor space and energy efficiency and can be erected in as little as one day. These fully detached homes provide property owners the opportunity to gain supplemental rental income without having the rental occupant(s) reside within the main residence or across town where providing consistent maintenance can be an issue. Laneway homes can also offer peace of mind in providing a comfortable, fully functional residence for aging members of your family to reside within (avoiding paying elevated care-home costs) or a place for university-attending children to reside (eliminating the homeowner’s burden of paying down another’s mortgage through dorm and associated housing fees).

If you have a property zoned “rs” and have access to a lane, you should be eligible to build a laneway home. Check with your city planning department or municipality for further details.

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