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Social Housing

Modular multifamily housing construction can increase the development of healthy affordable housing by saving significant cost, time, and resources. Modular and Manufactured built is a promising trend in the building design and construction market. It is embedded in a broader practice of modular construction, which employs some degree of repetition in the construction process. Manufactured housing applies modular methods to residential projects by preassembling repeated modules off-site. The degree to which the modules are fully finished off-site varies, but they may be two-dimensional wall assemblies (“panelized” modules) or three dimensional spaces. Building significant sections off-site allows Manufactured housing to achieve cost and time savings, along with a range of other advantages.

Cost & Time Savings

Manufacturers report cost savings of 20% and time savings of 40-50%. Saving on construction materials cost, on-site labor, and abated interest motivate the anticipation of the building technology.

Other Advantages

Beyond cost, FBH provides the advantage of reduced wasted materials, construction safety and predictability, assembly line quality control, and reduced strain on site neighborhood.

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