Municipalities Advantages of Modular Built Communities

Control, Quality

With a long list of benefits, it is understandable why modular built communities are a growing trend!

These professionally designed and crafted structures provide developer’s and municipalities alike with a quality crafted dwelling that is undistinguishable when compared to a site-built home. However, modular dwellings hold superior advantages as they can be constructed within very tight timeframes and significantly reduce the impact on the surrounding community and environment through being constructed within a factory.

The efficient assembly line processes within a quality controlled factory allow project timeframes to become drastically reduced and municipalities to gain a faster return on your investment.

Our professional and knowledgeable members have experience working with town councils, the public, small and large development firms. Contact us today for more information about modular-built communities and learn how modular could work for your next project.

Presentation for Municipalities


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The information is provided in 8 modules.

Module #1 - Who Represents the Factory-Built Housing Industry in Canada
Module #2 - Buildings Then and Now
Module #3 - The Industry
Module #4 - Technical Requirements for BC
Module #5 - Facilitating Compliance in BC
Module #6 - Confirming Compliance in BC
Module #7 - Challenges in BC
Module #8 - BC Takeaways

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